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Our Advertising Platform

Smart, Digital, Out of Home Advertising

Captivate select audiences with customizable motion campaigns triggered by geo-specific data such as location, time of day and weather.

Maximize the potential of your media buy and deliver a smarter campaign with measurable results.


8x Dwell Time Of Toppers
6x Impact Of Wraps
750x Reach Of Tablets

You Are in Control

Be seen by who you want, when you want, and where you want. 


Bumpr's programmatic, customizable video ads deliver effective impressions to meet every need in creating a purposeful campaign. 

Command the street. Command the market.

With it's new digital implementation, out of home advertising has become dynamic, relevant, and a more powerful amplifier than ever before.

This innovative medium can’t be blocked, skipped, or viewed by bots. Bumpr surrounds your audience with compelling, real campaigns, where they work, travel, shop and live. 

Caesars Palace Car.jpg


Advertising out of home has a limitless reach with an industry leading ROI, this is compounded with proven to be effective full motion video ads: our platform gives your media buy the most lucrative solution for success.

Bumpr optimizes your campaign with analytics and uses this data to ensure ad effectiveness.

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